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Appeal Update - May 22nd, 2013   

    The appeal of the air quality permit issued for the proposed tire incinerator is still going strong.  Recently our side filed for a partial summary judgement in the case, based on the lack of an Alternative Site Analysis being done. One of the components that any major source applicant has to complete is an analysis of the impacts the facility would have with an alternative location, size, and production process. In their application, CRE says that no other suitable location was found in Crawford County, and that they did not explore any sites outside of the county.  We feel that this is inadequate, and that CRE still needs to perform an Alternative Site Analysis.
    The request for summary judgement asserts four main points: CRE: (1) failed to analyze a single alternative site for its proposed tire-burning power station; (2) failed to analyze alternative sizes and production processes for the facility, (3) failed to include an identification and analysis of the social and environmental costs of the facility, and (4) failed to weigh these costs against the purported benefits of the facility.  A ruling on the request for partial summary judgement is expected in the coming months.  You can read all of the filings in the case at the Environmental Hearing Board website here

The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board - Case Number: 2011167

Recent Letters to the Editor -  March - April 2013

    There have been several recent letters published in area publications.  John Rossi, the conservation chair of the Lake Erie Group of the Sierra Club, had two letters published about the ongoing appeal and the tire incinerator. Bob Concilus also had a recent letter published in New People on the incinerator and the emissions it would produce. New People is the peace and justice newspaper of Pittsburgh published by the Thomas Merton Center.

John RossiBurning tires is a very bad deal for western Pennsylvania
  Meadville Tribune - 4/25/13
     "Litigation is before the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board on the Department of Environmental Protectionıs air quality plan for the proposed Crawford Renewable Energy tire-burning plant in Crawford County. The plant is a terrible deal for the Meadville area as it will emit far more harmful pollutants than its promoters have projected. Here is why."  Read More >>>

John RossiBurning tires is a sure way to make people sick   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 4/17/13
     "It won't be long before the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board rules on litigation over the proposed Crawford Renewable Energy tire-burning plant. The Sierra Club and others protested the Department of Environmental Protection's approval of CRE's air-quality plan, which grossly underestimated the amount of harmful pollutants that the plant will emit in Crawford County."  
Read More >>>

Bob ConcilusKeep Toxic Tires Out of Crawford County  New People - March, 2013
     "A controversial electric power plant in rural Crawford County, Pennsylvania, is planned for construction.  This plant will burn 900 tons of used car and truck tires to produce electricity, and it will be the largest facility of this type in the United States and possibly the world.  The combustion of tires to produce electricity results in the creation of very large amounts of toxins, esopecially dioxins and furans, which are among the most toxic chemicals on earth."  Read More >>>

Appeal News - December 2, 2012

    The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board has granted another extension on the appeal that was filed against the permit for the proposed tire incinerator last November.  Crawford Renewable Energy requested the extension after they claimed that they needed more time to hire an air pollution control expert to address the expert reports filed by the plaintiffs, Dr. Robert Concilus and Leah Humes. Concilus and Humes had objected to this extension because they were required to provide their expert reports within a set time frame, which they did. Their objection stated that the extension would have unfairly allowed CRE extra time to create their reports. Despite the objection, the EHB granted a modified schedule which puts the deadline for CRE's report on December 21st. The final motions on the case are now due on February 1st.

Meadville Tribune - Judge extends deadline for tire plant evidence
Erie Times-News - Judge extends deadline for tire plant evidence, motions

EHB Appeal Update Press Release - August 27th, 2012

News about the appeal that was filed with the Environmental Hearing Board.

    The appeal of the permit issued by the PA DEP for the proposed tire incinerator is still going strong. As you may know, the appeal process itself can last anywhere from 8 months to over a year, and this case appears to be headed for the latter.  Recently, there have been several filings of note in the case.


Click here for Press Release (PDF)

Who Really Supports the Tire Incinerator? - August 24th, 2012

Our local politicians are exposed in the latest Stop Burning Tires blog post.

     Most area politicians, when asked about their support for the tire incinerator planned for Crawford County, tend to respond that it is out of their hands, and that they are not involved.  Recently we confronted State Representative Brad Roae at a town hall meeting and he, and his manager who answered some questions for him, were very clear:  It wasn't in their district, they were not involved, and they were not interested in discussing it. Behind the scenes, however, Brad Roae IS involved. Not only has he been promoting the incinerator, he has been asking the Governor for tax-payer money to fund rail construction for the facility!
     Through our research we have discovered that Brad Roae is not the only local politician to have written glowing letters about the incinerator to Governor Corbett and State Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch. State Representatives Michelle Brooks, John Evans, State Senator Robert D. Robbins, Meadville Mayor Christopher Soff and all of the Crawford County Commissioners wrote letters of support. Some of the letters include praise for the project that eerily mirrors CRE's promotional materials. The Crawford County Commissioners repeat CRE's claims about jobs almost word-for-word, and Brad Roae goes a step further, saying: "The positive environmental and economic impacts will be invaluable to the region."

Read the entire blog post here:

Morning Call Article - July 29, 2012

Rubberized asphalt is one of the best uses for scrap tires.  PennDOT now has the green light to use it state wide.  With scrap tires in short supply in PA, we need to make sure the existing supply goes to projects like these, not to a toxic, polluting incinerator.

  After test-drive, PennDOT hits the road with rubberized asphalt

PennDOT has been testing rubberized asphalt in a couple of full-scale repaving projects, and — to skip a lot of technical stuff involving provisional specifications and other details — officials have given the green light to statewide use of the product.

  Read More>>

Don Skinner Article - Meadville Tribune - April 19, 2012

Don Skinner, area environmentalist and columnist for the Meadville Tribune, recently wrote this excellent article in support of our cause.

  Earth Day message was never more important for our county

PA Outdoor News Article - February 17th, 2012

This article is a must-read if you like to hunt and fish in Crawford and Mercer counties. This article appeared in the most recent issue of Pennsylvania Outdoor News. The article speaks to the strong opposition that hunting and fishing groups have to the facility.
  PA Outdoor News - Residents fight Geneva tires-to-energy plant 


Other Recent News and Articles

  • Edinboro Presentation
    PUBLISHED:March 23, 2012 12:01AM

    Edinboro Event thumb "Tires-2-Energy: 2 Close 2 Home"
      When?  Thursday, March 29th 2012  6 PM

      Where? Edinboro University - Compton Room 107A.

        Come see a presentation by Edinboro alumnus and CARE member Leah Humes on the proposed tire incinerator. Learn about the impact it could have on the area, and learn how you can get involved. 
    Thanks to Students of Edinboro for Environmental Defense (SEED) for organizing the event.
    Click here to download the flyer.

  • Erie Times-News Article
    PUBLISHED: MARCH 15, 2012 12:01AM
    We are making a difference! In this recent Erie-Times News article, Mark Turner called the plant "the big question mark out there."
    Tires-to-energy plant still question mark in Crawford County
  • Letter to the Editor - Meadville Tribune
    PUBLISHED: MARCH 14, 2012 12:01AM
    This excellent letter to the editor opposing the tire incinerator written by Charles E. Schmitz was in the Meadville Tribune recently.
    Tire plant? Do you recall Agent Orange?
  • Letter to the Editor - Meadville Tribune
    PUBLISHED: MARCH 14, 2012 12:01AM
    Scott Hricsina's most recent letter to the Meadville Tribune, written in response to their online poll about solar power, was also published recently. It is called "Time for solar power is now." There is absolutely no reason to build polluting incinerators when solar can give us clean, green, truly renewable energy with only a fraction of the environmental impact. 
    "Time for solar power is now."
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: MARCH 8, 2012 12:01AM

    ‘Town hall’ talkers take tough topics to Rep. Roae

    When members of the audience tried to pursue discussion of the [tire incinerator] topic, Brian Williams, manager of Roae’s Meadville district office, intervened. “The tire plant isn’t in our district and the state doesn’t have a law against it,” he said. “I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere with it.”
  • Erie Times-News Article
    PUBLISHED: JANUARY 6, 2012 12:01AM

    2 in Crawford County appeal tire plant approval

    Two Crawford County residents have appealed state approval of a $350 million tires-to-energy plant in Crawford County.
    The appeal challenges emissions data provided by the plant developer, Crawford Renewable Energy. It was filed with the state Environmental Hearing Board in December.
    The board is expected to rule on the appeal late this year.
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 9, 2011 12:01AM

    Local appeal filed against tires-to-energy plant 'go-ahead'

    MEADVILLE — Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s recent decision to allow construction of a $350 million tires-to-energy plant in Crawford County has generated a public challenge.

    Two Crawford County residents — Dr. Robert Concilus and Leah Humes — said Thursday they have filed an appeal to Pennsylvania’s Environmental Hearing Board challenging the recent decision to allow Crawford Renewable Energy to begin the planning phase for the facility.
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 10:33AM

    This is a great opportunity to hit the Crawford County Commissioner candidates with questions.

    Forums set for voters to know where candidates stand on local issues

    SAEGERTOWN — Upcoming public forums give local voters an unfiltered look at candidates in contested races in Crawford County, according to local political leaders.

    “The number one reason to hold them is to make the public more informed on the decision-making process and the issues candidates are dealing with,” said H. Leroy Stearns, chairman of the Crawford County Democratic Committee. “These are great avenues to make the community more aware.”
  • Story
    PUBLISHED: AUGUST 2, 2011 11:30AM
    Residents, DEP Talk About Tires-to-Energy Plant

    A proposed tires to energy plant was the topic of discussion in Crawford County tonight.
        The state Department of Environmental Protection hosted the public meeting tonight.
        First, a panel from the DEP was on hand for a question and answer session.
        Then, concerns surrounding air quality were specifically addressed.
  • WSEE News Story
    PUBLISHED: AUGUST 2, 2011 11:30AM
    Public Hearing on Tires-to Energy Plant in Crawford County

    In Crawford County, developers of the proposed tires-to-energy plant are once again receiving public input.

    Tonight, the Department of Environmental Protection hosted a information session, giving citizens an update on the status of the plant.  A large crowd made their way out to voice their concerns.
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: AUGUST 2, 2011 11:30AM
    Regulators try to reassure skeptical crowd

    SADSBURY TOWNSHIP — The region’s top environmental regulator said he believes the proposed tires-to-energy plant in Greenwood Township “will be the most carefully-monitored facility in northwestern Pennsylvania” during his comments Wednesday night at a public meeting and hearing on the plant.
  • Erie Times-News Article
    PUBLISHED: AUGUST 2, 2011 11:30AM
    DEP: Crawford tires-to-energy plant would meet air quality standards

    CONNEAUT LAKE -- If a tires-to-energy plant is built in Crawford County, its emissions will meet state and federal air-quality standards.

    That was the promise made by state Department of Environmental Protection staff to about 100 people attending a public information meeting at Conneaut Lake High School Wednesday night.
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: JULY 26, 2011 8:30AM
    State seeks public input for proposed tires-to-energy plant

    CONNEAUT LAKE — The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s northwest regional office will host its first public hearing in more than four years Wednesday to receive public input on the tires-to-energy plant Crawford Renewable Energy proposes to build in Greenwood Township’s Keystone Industrial Park.
  • Erie Times-News Article
    PUBLISHED: JUNE 27, 2011 11:28AM
    DEP grants draft approval for tires-to-energy plant air-quality permit

    MEADVILLE -- The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will announce draft approval of an air-quality permit for the proposed tires-to-energy plant in Crawford County this weekend.

    The department has completed its review of the developers' air-quality plan and will advertise draft approval in Saturday's Pennsylvania Bulletin, DEP spokeswoman Freda Tarbell said.
  • Second Technical Deficiency Letter to CRE from PA DEP
    PUBLISHED: MARCH 24, 2011 10:03AM

    The Pennsylvania DEP sent CRE a second letter of technical deficiency which details the problems with CRE's response to the first Technical Deficiency Letter. Of particular note is item 3 which says:

    "Drawings C1.1 and C1.4 indicate the parcels are owned by The Hon Company.  The Form E-GP was signed by Victor Gatto indicating Crawford Renewable Energy as the land owner. Please verify the current landowner of record, and any lease agreements or options to buy the property. The Form E-GP should be properly filled out by existing land owner. If the property later changes ownership, then a new Form E-GP can be submitted."

    Second Letter of Technical Deficiency - March 2nd, 2011
  • Dr. Sherri A. Mason's Presentations
    PUBLISHED: March 21, 2011 5:14PM

    Dr. Sherri A. Mason, Associate Professor of Chemistry at SUNY Fredonia, recently gave two presentations on the science behind the proposed tire incinerator, and the dangerous emissions that would come with it. The first was held at Allegheny College in Meadville and the second at Edinboro University. 
    The Chemistry of Combustion - 2/16/11 - Allegheny College
    Tires-to-Energy, Hydrofracking, and the Case for Renewable Energy - 3/17/11 - Edinboro University
  • Allegheny College To Host Panel Discussion on Proposed Tires-to-Energy Project
    PUBLISHED: FEBRUARY 10, 20116:05PM

    MEADVILLE, Pa. – Feb. 1, 2011 – The Center for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) at Allegheny College will host a panel discussion on Wednesday, Feb. 16, to explore the potential environmental impacts of the tires-to-energy project that Crawford Renewable Energy has proposed implementing in Crawford County.  The discussion will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Ford Memorial Chapel. (Please note that the location has changed from Carr Hall auditorium.)

    Speakers will include Conrad Volz, director of the Center for Healthy Environments and Communities and the Environmental Health Risk Assessment Certificate Program at the University of Pittsburgh; Sherrie Mason, associate professor of chemistry and coordinator of the Environmental Sciences Program at SUNY Fredonia; and John K. Baillie, senior attorney with Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture), a public interest organization that advances policies to protect and improve the state’s environment and economy. David Templeton, a graduate of Allegheny College who has covered health and science for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette since 2006, will serve as moderator..

    Read more about the event at the CEED website here.
  • Technical Deficiency Letter to CRE from PA DEP
    PUBLISHED: JANUARY 14, 2011 5:08PM

    The Pennsylvania DEP sent CRE this letter of technical deficiency as part of the technical review on January 10th, 2011.
    Letter of Technical Deficiency - January 10th, 2011
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Application Update
    PUBLISHED: JANUARY 14, 2011 5:08PM

    In response to the new Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule CRE has submitted this update to their application.
    GHG BACT 3 (Microsoft .doc format)
  • Crawford County Planning Commission Report
    PUBLISHED: JANUARY 04, 2011 1:30PM

    The Crawford County Planning Commission recently produced this report for the Greenwood Township supervisors on the planning and development aspects of the proposed incinerator.
    PAGE 1  - PAGE 2 - PAGE 3 - PAGE 4 - PAGE 5 - PAGE 6 - PAGE 7 - PAGE 8
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 21, 2010 12:01AM
    Zoning law urged with tires-to-energy plant on the way

    MEADVILLE — With a proposed tires-to-energy plant possible in Greenwood Township, the Crawford County Planning Commission is strongly urging the township’s board of supervisors to consider enacting a zoning ordinance. 
  • Discovery News Article
    PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 18, 2010 09:00AM
    Tech to End Tire Burning

    Sekhar Research Innovations (SRI) is a startup based in the Malaysian city Petaling Jaya. They say their patent-pending technological process can devulcanize rubber from whole scrap tires, creating a compound that can be used to make new tires, retread old ones, and make automotive parts. 
  • 'Leadership Meadville' Debate Friday, December 10th 2:30 PM Meadville City Building
    PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 8, 2010 12:01AM

    'Leadership Meadville' says their mission is “to identify and develop current and future leaders through a comprehensive program designed to increase knowledge and awareness of the issues and challenges facing this community.” They are having a debate on the pros and cons of the tire incinerator. While CARE is not involved in this, it will be worth attending to see the positions taken and the information each side chooses to focus on.
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 8, 2010 12:01AM
    Leadership Meadville teaming up to weigh pros and cons of tires-to-energy proposal

    Since September, the 17 participants in Leadership Meadville 2010 have devoted the second Friday of each month to a day-long immersion in a subject or industry vital to the Crawford County community. 
  • CARE Press Release
    PUBLISHED: November 03, 2010 2:10PM
    DEP Hosted Meeting with CRE Executives: What Wasn’t Said

    Many things were left unclear after the DEP hosted meeting with CRE executives, October 26th at Conneaut Lake High School. Beginning with the most basic question: How does Crawford Renewable Energy consider burning tires to be renewable?
  • Titusville Herald Article
    PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 26, 2010 11:34PM
    DEP hosts packed, often heated Q&A session for public

    On Tuesday evening, a packed auditorium at Conneaut Lake High School debated the positives and negatives of the planned tire-fueled electric generating plant.
  • Erie Reader Article
    Public Divided Over Proposed Tire Incinerator...

    Approximately 200 people showed up to a public information meeting last night at Conneaut Lake High School to talk about the environmental impact of the proposed Greenwood Township tire burning plant.
  • Erie Times-News Article
    PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 27, 2010 1:16AM
    Crawford residents offer support, skepticism at meeting on tires-to-energy plant

    CONNEAUT LAKE -- Crawford County residents who came out to learn more about the proposed tires-to-energy plant Tuesday night left with different conclusions.
  • Meadville Tribune Article
    PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 27, 2010 12:01AM
    Air pollution public's main concern at tires-to-energy meeting

    SADSBURY TOWNSHIP — One thing was made crystal clear Tuesday night. Area residents expect both Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Crawford Renewable Energy to keep their promises when it comes to the quality of local air. 
  • Erie Underground Article
    Rubino's Statements and DEP Questions to Ask

    Erie Life Magazine sat down with Mr. Rubino to discuss the controversial tires-to-energy plant, his commitment to Erie, and those nasty whoop-ass remarks on Topix. The Erie Times news stopped public posting and links to discussions on stories related to the Tire Burning plant because Rubino didn't like what people were posting, or felt threatened. What is censoring?
  • Erie Reader Article
    CARE Sponsors Petition Opposing Construction of Greenwood Township Tire Burning Plant...

    Crawford Area Residents for the Environments (CARE) have launched a petition aimed at Greenwood Township Supervisors, the Pennsylvania DEP, and other elected state and local officials opposing the construction of what would be the world's largest tire incinerator...
  • DEP Public Information Meeting October 26th

    The PA DEP has announced a public information meeting to be held at Conneaut Lake High School Auditorium on October 26th at 6:30pm. The address is 10331 U.S. Highway 6, Conneaut Lake, PA. Everyone who opposes the incinerator should come and let their voices be heard. Click here for a map.
  • Erie Underground and Erie Reader

    Erie Underground is a blog that focuses on the tire plant and other related environmental stories. The Erie Reader is a news site built on user submitted posts which covers many topics, including the tire plant. They are both great sources of information on the subject.
    Erie Underground Blog
    Erie Reader
  • CARE at the 20th annual Fall Pumkin Fest in Conneaut Lake

    CARE will be at the Pumkin Fest this year! October 8th, 9th and 10th at Conneaut Lake Park. Come visit us and learn more about the proposed tire incinerator.
  • Area Biologists letter on Geneva Marsh impact

    Dr. Eugene Morton and Dr. Bridget Stutchbury have written this letter about the negative impact the emissions would have on Geneva Marsh. They are biologists at the Hemlock Hill Field Station in Cambridge Springs, PA.  
  • Article
    PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 03. 2010 12:01AM
    Scientists voice concerns about Crawford County tires-to-energy

    COCHRANTON -- Only 42 people live within a mile of the site of a proposed tires-to-energy plant in rural Crawford County, according to the developers. But two prominent biologists say the state Department of Environmental Protection must consider other creatures who reside in the area. Among them: a large breeding population of bald eagles, the national emblem that once nearly became extinct because of, in part, a different source of pollution -- DDT.
  • Community News  Article
    Anti tire plant group attempts to share information at Sadsbury meeting

    The citizen group CARE, (Crawford Area Residents for the Environment), that attended the Greenwood Township Supervisor meeting a week prior, also approached the Sadsbury Township Supervisors during their recent monthly meeting.
    The purpose of this citizen group is to protest the possible placement of a tires-to-energy plant in Greenwood Township.

    Published: June 12, 2010

    Plans for tires-to-energy plant in Crawford advance as local opposition group builds

    COCHRANTON -- An 80-acre parcel in southern Crawford County that was selected as the new site for a proposed tires-to-energy plant shows no physical signs of project activity. But officials at Erie Renewable Energy say they have been working since the move was announced April 6 on plans to build a power plant capable of generating 90 megawatts of electricity from 900 tons of scrap tires daily through an internal combustion process. Officials say they hope to be ready within the next week or so to apply for an air quality permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Also at work are a group of area residents who have formed Crawford Area Residents for the Environment, or C.A.R.E., in opposition to the plant.


    Published: May 20. 2010

    Group forms to challenge proposed tires-to-energy project

    MEADVILLE — Charlotte Dracup is concerned for Crawford County’s health and safety — not only now, but in the future. “It’s what we don’t know,” said Dracup, vice president of Crawford Area Residents for the Environment or CARE. “We want to inform people in Crawford County and other areas about potential health, safety and environmental hazards.”

    CARE now has a Facebook page. Click here to visit.


    Published: April 06. 2010 3:00PM on

    MEADVILLE -- Erie Renewable Energy is abandoning its plans to build a tires-to-energy plant in Erie and is moving the project to southern Crawford County.

    ERE officials announced this afternoon that they will build a 90-megawatt plant in a portion of the Keystone Regional Industrial Park in Greenwood Township.

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